The Customer Experience – Creating a Sustainable Brand Program

Episode 6- JuvoHub Podcast

Our Special Guest: Mark Howell

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In this episode, we welcome our guest, Mark Howell, from Howl Creative Concepts. Mark has over 20 years of industry experience. He is a passionate national speaker that makes each day count and helps your team live & breathe that commitment. Be sure to check out his website and see the list of class offerings he has!

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Show Highlights

Notes from the host:

Do you truly know the difference between customer service and customer experience? Mark Howell from Howl Creative Concepts, took me on a journey that truly demonstrated his passion for the topic and what it takes for a property management company to be successful when rolling out a program of this magnitude. ~~Jonathan Saar

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The difference between CS ( Customer Service) and CE (Customer Experience)

  • Ask yourself what makes you truly authentic when delivering the customer experience.
  • Customer experience means moving past the policy manual.

There’s a difference between, what’s it called, will and a skill. I can teach you the skill, but I can’t teach you to have the will.

Mark Howell

Your “Brand” is the foundation for success. Determining associated emotions behind the brand.

Some questions we discussed…

  • How do discussing global brands help us connect with what our “brand” is?
  • Why do certain global brands excite us?

Team Engagement – Steps To Living Your Brand

More questions we discussed…

  • How are you helping PM to develop that framework?
  • What does the opt-in process look like?
  • Does a mentoring component come into play?
  • How does a training department follow through on a program like this?

What one actionable tip could you share that has served you well as an educator?

Be adaptable to the learning needs of our team

Mark Howell

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