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Are you looking to grow your career and build your knowledge base? Property management professionals face many different challenges and need the skills to tackle them. JuvoHub is proud to offer an ever-growing catalog of on-demand continuing education courses. Our catalog of online courses provides timely and engaging course content that will suit every type of learning style. Please hover over each image to learn what each carefully curated course provides.

Sexual Harassment Prevention

Statistics show that sexual harassment is the most prevalent form of harassment found in the workplace. More and more states are now requiring mandatory training to ensure compliance. Our course covers all the necessary topics and provides certification upon completion.

Sexual Harassment Prevention - Management

Not all training is created equal. Managers require more in-depth sexual harassment training due to their added responsibilities. Our course has been specialized to tackle common problems managers face and contain the knowledge needed to create a safe working environement.

Diversity Basics Foundations

DIversity, equity and inclusion needs to be part of every property management professionals skill set. In this course you will learn the basic foundations that will help you to be more inclusivise and aid in creating an equitable workplace. This fast paced and informative course will keep you focused and help you retain what you learn with a certificate provided upon completion.

Introduction To Team Management

Are you looking to grow your knowledge base and perhaps move into a management or leadership role? Then this is the course for you! Focusing on the fundamentals to help you hone your skills and take that next step.

Customer Service Fundamentals

Customer service continues to be a growing industry especially in property management. How can you grow your customer service skills? Our fun and interactive course takes you through the fundamentals to help you get started on this exciting career path.

Sales Fundamentals

Sales can be a challenging and rewarding career. To be truly successful in sales you need the right foundation. This diverse course will help you identify the skills, personal development and the essential sales tools needed to get started.

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