Don’t Be A Billboard – Know Your Audience!

Episode 28

Are you engaging your social media audience effectively? Do you know your audience? Charlotte Pisciotta, VP of Full House Marketing, shares insights on social media practices specifically for property management companies.

Host(s): Jonathan Saar from Market Me Social and Mark Howell from Howl Creative Concepts

Our Special Guest: Charlotte Pisciotta, Vice President from Full House Marketing

Charlotte Pisciotta is the Vice President at Full House Marketing based in Michigan. Charlotte uses her years of experience to work closely with property management companies and apartment communities. She specializes in building marketing programs specifically for our industry.

Show Highlights

There are so many social media outlets available today, it can get overwhelming. Add to that the struggle of knowing what to post and how to encourage engagement. This episode shares the tips property management companies need to plan a successful and engaging social media program.

Key Questions/Topics Covered

What challenges do property management companies face in regards to social media?

People are tired of posting and receiving little to no engagement. It is very easy to get frustrated and give up. The problem is what they are posting. If all you post is floorplans and sales pitches about your properties, your audience will disengage. You need to know what is of value to your audience and build your posts around this.

What should properties be posting on social media?

Ask yourself what your residents are interested in. What is going on in their area? Focus on building fun and relevant content that helps them. We have seen great engagement with a pet of the month post or a heads up about a new local restaurant. These types of posts build a sense of community.

If you are going to post something about your property, make it personal. Consider a comparison. You can do a walkthrough of a unit showing its many different features, but how are you connecting with potential residents? They can’t make a human connection with your upgraded cupboards. Get in front of that camera. Let them see you.

This can be hard if we are naturally camera-shy, but bite the bullet and jump in. Think of it as not much different than if you were giving a tour in person. You are going to make mistakes, and that is okay. That is what makes you real and builds connections. Have fun, and your viewers will too.

Social Media Tips and Best Practices for Multifamily Marketing

Consistency is a huge social media best practice. Some companies may feel that they need to outsource this to a third-party media company, but a word of caution; if this media company is not actively part of our industry, how will they know how to connect to our people or residents? Too often, we have seen posts on a company’s page that make no sense or sends mixed signals, resulting in a loss of audience.

Make sure your content is relevant to your audience. Again, you need to know the many different people that make up your audience and ensure they feel included. You can show this via the stock images you choose to use. Pexels is an excellent free resource with a great range of diverse and inclusive content. 

Take every opportunity you can to make it personal. They want to get to know you, so take advantage of this and share with them who you are and that you value their needs. As a result, this will help build your social media community and encourage the engagement you need.

Charlottes’ Favorite Quote:

People will forget what you said

People will forget what you did

But people will never forget how you made them feel

– Maya Angelou

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