What Is A Learning and Development Framework?

Episode 3 – JuvoHub Podcast with Sherle Brown

Our Special Guest: Sherle Brown

In this episode we welcome our guest, Sherle Brown, who is an instructor at the University of Georgia and a 30+ year veteran of the multifamily industry!

Feel free to connect with her on her LinkedIn profile.

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Show Highlights

Build a learning and development framework

  • What is an L&D framework?
  • Why is it critical to be organized with your L&D program?
  • Does a “framework” indicate a rigid approach to what is available to an employee?

Optimize the expanded role of L&D in real estate organizations

  • Should a training program be solely focused on the existing job title of the employee?
  • What does a training program look like for someone who wants to advance their career?
  • How does an L&D department keep their program fluid and dynamic?

Recognize trends and advances in various L&D delivery methods and what should be implemented

  • What are some trends that you see now and can foresee for the future?
  • What really is microlearning?
  • What is microlearning not?
  • Do you think we will have more of an adaptive system as we see in platforms such as Netflix or Spotify

What one actionable tip could you share that has served you well as an educator?

Be a lifelong learner who shares with others

Sherle Brown

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