Maintenance Training – Connecting Text Book to Real World

Episode 9- JuvoHub Podcast

Our Special Guest: Kathy Woodard

Kathy Woodard has over 25 years of experience in the property management industry and currently serves as the Multifamily Director at 6 & Fix Heating & Cooling and is an NAAEI facilitator. She has served in numerous leadership roles and her colleagues see her as a ‘Gamechanger’. In fact, she is Mrs. Gamechanger!

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Show Highlights

Notes from the host:

Apartment maintenance training takes a unique skill set. You need to combine processes with applications. The trick is to make it real and to make it fun. For some topics that is a tall order. Kathy brings the house down with her gift of making education fun. She is certainly a game-changer in the field of maintenance training. Enjoy! ~~ Jonathan Saar Market Me Social.

Apartment Maintenance Education – Fun, Effective, and Retainable

Some questions we discussed:

  • You have an extensive background in teaching maintenance classes. How would you say your teaching style has changed over the years? Anything you did, in particular, to help improve your teaching skillset?
  • You recently had a career change from the management side to the industry partner side. What was the learning curve like for you as an educator?
  • Maintenance training is not really one of those subjects that most would say is “fun” but more rudimentary. What have you done as a trainer to make your classes “fun”, impactful, and even more important – retention driven?

What one actionable tip could you share that has served you well as an educator?

Continue your education by surrounding yourself with people with like passions.

Kathy Woodard – Mrs Gamechanger

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