Diversity Basics: Foundations

The office landscape is constantly evolving, reflecting the rich diversity of the global workforce. Yet, both conscious and subconscious biases can still surface, making workplace diversity a critical area for attention in property management.

Our engaging course addresses these challenges head-on. Using a dynamic mix of training techniques—including scenario-based learning, real-life examples, and interactive quizzes—we equip property management professionals with the knowledge they need to foster an inclusive environment. Stay engaged and informed as you navigate the complexities of workplace diversity.

Course outline

  • Cycle of socialization
  • Understanding and unlearning bias
  • Identity and intersectionality
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Systems of oppression
  • Dismantling the system
  • Training time: 1 hour
  • Language: English
  • Exam and certificate upon completion
  • Cost: $21.00 per seat


Learning Objectives
What is diversity, equity, and inclusion?
Why is DEI important?
Professional vs. personal
Cycle of Socialization
What shapes us?
The cycle of socialization
2 examples
Moving in the direction for change
Questions to consider
Understanding and Unlearning Bias
Is it bias?
2 types of bias
Consequences of bias
Pyramid of hate
A case study: the Holocaust
Check your understanding
Identity and Intersectionality
How do you move through the world?
Types of identity
Minoritized identities
What is intersectionality?
How do you identify?
Getting to know ourselves
Emotional Intelligence
What is emotional intelligence?
3 types of empathy
Relationship between empathy and diversity
The three types of empathy in practice
Getting to compassionate empathy

Systems of Oppression
What is oppression?
6 types of oppression
How we perpetuate systems of oppression
Societal and cultural
What are oppression Olympics?
Dismantling the System
How to combat systems of oppression
Equality vs. equity
An illustration
A case study: school budget
What is social justice?
What does social justice look like?
Key takeaways

Where learning leads

Taking our Diversity Basics course offers significant benefits for both individual learners and education directors by deepening their understanding of workplace diversity.

For individual learners, this is crucial because recognizing and addressing diversity issues can prevent personal conflicts and enhance their professional interactions. For education directors, effective diversity management is essential to avoid costly legal challenges and reduce staff turnover.

Our training empowers participants to foster an inclusive environment that enhances communication and productivity, crucial for sustaining a competitive advantage in property management.

Where learning leads for individuals: mastering diversity skills leads to improved workplace relationships and personal growth. Where learning leads for education directors: it ensures a harmonious team and efficient operations.

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