Authenticity - Transparent Optics

Authenticity – Transparent Optics

Episode 63

We talk a lot about authenticity in social media, but what about authenticity in general. Are we transparent about who we are? What are the optics we show?

Host(s): Jonathan Saar from Market Me Social and Mark Howell from Howl Creative Concepts

Show Highlights

When you Google the word authentic, you come across many different definitions, for example: not false or imitation, true to one’s own personality, spirit, or character, or worthy of acceptance or belief as conforming to or based on fact. Many may feel they are being genuine. However, this article will show how quickly lines can get blurred in the workplace and on social media.

Key Questions/Topics Covered

Why are we obsessed with authenticity?

That may seem like a funny question, but it’s the new buzzword, so it needs to be asked. The world has changed, and people want real. They don’t want to feel that they are being upsold or fed lines. And this goes for everything. Personally, professionally and on social media.

Authenticity in the workplace

There are fewer things more frustrating than working with somebody who changes who they are, like a pair of socks. You never know what to expect. This is where optics become very important. Can you say you are truly authentic if one day you are everybody’s friend and hanging out and the next you are all buttoned up and purely business? Neither is wrong, but you need to figure out who you are and stick with it.

Social media and transparent optics

Social media in itself generally does not encourage transparent optics. People generally only post the good times. So you may ask, what does social media have to do with authenticity? Well, in today’s climate, everyone is online. We make connections daily, both professionally and personally. Are your posts a genuine reflection of who you are? Or are people seeing a disparity when they meet you in person?

Find your authentic self through transparent optics

The first step to figuring out how you want to present yourself is determining what you are willing to share. What are your boundaries? Once you understand that, then the rest will fall into place. If transparent optics is one of your goals, the first step is some of the oldest advice out there: Just be yourself!

Class dismissed!

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