Change Management – Building Cohesiveness

Episode 79

The word “change” in itself is scary, but as recent years have shown, change is a necessary part of the property management industry. So how do we embrace change initiatives? We are joined by Dave Sayers, the Senior Director of Talent Development at Cortland, for a special four-part series focused on change management. In part one, we focus on building cohesiveness by following six key steps.

Host(s): Jonathan Saar from Market Me Social and Mark Howell from Howl Creative Concepts

Guest: Dave Sayers from Cortland

Over 20 combined years of Learning and Development experience, working with multiple departments to enhance the performance of teams and changing culture. Adept at analyzing business problems, developing solutions, and achieving results through appropriate systems, processes, and training methods.

Show Highlights

Six steps for building cohesiveness while managing change:

  • Everyone Must Agree: The need for change management starts from the very top.
  • Create a Change Leader: Identify an executive as the Change Leader – other executives must be in alignment.
  • Outline Goals: Define the goals of change management in the organization and how the principles of change management are defined in the company’s values and financial results.
  • Train Employees: Offer training to have educated teams and especially project owners on the foundations of change management, the vocabulary of project management, and the expectations set forward. Be sure that everyone knows their role in what they do and how they do it. 
  • Build and Keep Trust: Increase communication to a heightened level to build trust and be transparent in change management to keep trust.
  • No Marriages: Avoid being so connected to an idea or initiative that you’re not willing to abandon it. Initiatives have no feelings. People do. So, if you push an initiative that doesn’t really work – people feel it. 

Thank you for joining us as we break down the different aspects of change management. Be sure to follow us for future episodes.

Class dismissed!

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