Technical Training - Evolve and Adapt

Technical Training – Evolve and Adapt

Episode 38

Fear of change is common. As a result, embracing new technologies can pose a challenge within the property management community. Mike Whaling joins us to discuss how a positive approach to technical training will help us evolve and adapt while enjoying the benefits that tech can bring.

Host(s): Jonathan Saar from Market Me Social and Mark Howell from Howl Creative Concepts

Our Special Guest: Mike Whaling from 30 Lines

Mike Whaling is the founder of 30 Lines. 30 Lines helps with digital marketing for local businesses and real estate. Mike specializes in comprehensive online marketing programs using social media, search engine optimization, and reputation monitoring to create and manage a successful online presence for multifamily communities.

Show Highlights

Covid 19 has ushered in an unprecedented need for new technologies. While the goal of these new technologies is to make our lives easier, many are wary of the learning curve, not to mention the fear of being replaced. Today’s topic addresses these concerns while sharing how these new technologies can help us all serve our customers better.

Key Questions/Topics Covered

Property Management – A technological shift

Over the last eighteen months, Covid has created a need for more and more technology to help adjust to a new way of doing business. Business growth and success have now become dependant on both service and technology. Companies need to determine where tech fits in with their communities and brand. By ensuring that the tech fits your business, you can deliver a great experience to your residents.

How can property management companies embrace instead of hate tech?

Management needs to communicate the why! By identifying the problem and sharing how tech will help, people are more likely to be on board with it. Make sure that your staff understands that the tech is not here to replace them. Instead, it’s there to help or complement them, helping them deliver a better customer experience.

The future of tech in property management

Tech is making colossal progress right now, and it’s only accelerating. We are focusing on creating tools that better serve our customers and educating our staff on using them to their full potential.

Tech leading to new property management positions

Onsite teams are already overwhelmed with their daily responsibilities. Expecting them to take on the additional role of tech support just doesn’t make sense. We will see an evolution and creation of job positions for people that specialize in property management tech.

New Technology – Finding a balance

A thought that is often raised is that employees can become too dependent on tech, resulting in poor customer service. It may be easy to blame the technology, but employee performance is based on the employee, not the tech, at the end of the day. You will always have employees that are only interested in doing the bare minimum while others are invested in doing more. Employees that embrace new technology and use it properly will consistently achieve a balance and deliver a superior customer service experience.

Technology is not only here to stay; it’s only getting better. Property management companies need to continue to evolve and adapt to ensure continued success.

What one actionable tip could you share that has served you well as an educator?

Be a student of consumer behavior

Mike Whaling

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