Reverse Interview – Mike Brewer Interviews Jonathan Saar

I am thrilled and humbled that my amazing colleague Mike Brewer asked to do a reverse podcast. From our pioneer days to now, we talk about the journey, focusing on our passion for learning.

Reverse Interview with Jonathan Saar

I had such a great time chatting with Mike. We share a dedication to property management and education. We are also keen students of new technology and how it can help our industry grow and be more effective.

LMS was one of our main topics. We have come a long way from the fear that it would replace instructor-led teaching and horribly put-together online learning courses. Now we are embracing its true potential. When properly curated, it is an amazing complement to any organization’s learning and education program.

We also chatted about how proper training can attract the best talent. A company that offers insightful and engaging training that grows with an individual employee’s career path will win every time. Having access to online training allows staff to learn at their own pace at the right time for them. Also, it can highlight pain points and provide follow-up resources. This can be very appealing to prospective employees.

Education Equals Success

Next, we talked about a work-life balance; it reminded me that no one could sleep well if they don’t know what they are doing at their job. Effective training reduces fear. Likewise, training can build an employee’s confidence.

We also discussed methods of training. My personal belief is that a student’s success is directly connected with the teacher’s effective delivery level. Regardless, if it’s online or in-person, if it isn’t engaging, or the lesson is nothing more than a list of rules, can you expect great results? People learn by doing. For example, having real-life physical examples and discussing best practices will get staff involved and create a lasting memory. This type of scenario-based training continues to be a leading method.

Mike summed up the episode by discussing my professional focus. Above all, my focus has been, and I am known for: learning solutions. My heart is in education and growth and how I can help others succeed.

Special thanks to Mike for having me on. Such an awesome guy! Be sure to check him out here: Multifamily Collective

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