What is JuvoHub?

Episode 47

Do you know what JuvoHub means? What about what it provides? Join Jonathan and Mark as they break down the what and the why that JuvoHub is to the property management community as well as what the future holds.

Host(s): Jonathan Saar from Market Me Social and Mark Howell from Howl Creative Concepts

Show Highlights

Since its beginning back in April 2020, JuvoHub has continued to evolve from a dream into a reality. Built on the learning and development backgrounds of Jonathan and his wife Renée, JuvoHub has grown to include an amazing co-host and support team. In addition, including industry leaders and subject matter experts as guest speakers has allowed for diverse and thought-provoking content. So what does JuvoHub mean and what does the future hold?

Key Questions/Topics Covered

What is JuvoHub?

JuvoHub was created by Jonathan and his wife Renée, both of which have an extensive background in learning and development. They wanted to build a place that property management professionals could tap into complementary education. Many have asked what JuvoHub means? Well, Juvo is Latin for help or aid and hub is just that, the center where everything comes together. JuvoHub is the place where property management professionals can find industry-specific education or aid. JuvoHub is your helping hand in property management.

What is the future of JuvoHub?

JuvoHub has gone through an evolution of changes as it has grown. JuvHub will continue to provide complimentary education to everyone within our industry but moving forward we will also be focussing on creating short insightful educational content that learning and development departments can easily incorporate into their program. There is a need for quality prepared content and it’s JuvoHub’s goal to help fill this gap. In addition, work is in progress, as well, to provide additional resources for industry speakers and trainers.

How JuvoHub helps?

Some might wonder why JuvoHub’s content is available in audio, video, and written form.  Everyone learns differently and JuvoHub wants to ensure that every learner has access to the information provided in the way that best suits their needs. Therefore, whether you are the person who likes to listen to our Podcast well working out, read a quick synopsis to get the main points via the blog, or share one of our videos from YouTube with your team members, we have you covered. Each episode is roughly 30 minutes long which is perfect for a quick micro-learning session. 

What can you expect to find?:

  • Guest Industry Experts
  • Best Practices
  • Tips

Education is a continual process. As Mark has said many times without education you can’t grow and without growth, you won’t get anywhere. JuvoHub will continue to grow to meet the challenges our industry faces and to provide a helping hand to overcome them.

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