Customer Service Fundamentals

The health of a business depends on the strength of its customer relationships. Yet every interaction is different—what pleases one customer won’t necessarily pass muster with the next one. So, how do you provide effective customer service across the board?

This course will zero in on the fundamentals of customer service. You’ll learn how customer service impacts a business, how to balance being personable and being professional, and how you can meet and exceed customer expectations.

A woman with a smile happily helping a customer

Course outline

  • What is customer service, and why does it matter?
  • Balancing personal vs. professional
  • Meeting and exceeding customer expectations
  • Training time: 1 hour
  • Language: English
  • Exam and certificate upon completion
  • Cost: $14.95 per seat

What Is Customer Service and Why Does It Matter?

  • Have you ever been in this situation?
  • What is customer service?
  • Why you need (good) customer service
  • Four components of good customer service
  • Summary

Balancing Personable and Professional Customer Service

  • Imagine this
  • What defines personable vs. professional customer service?
  • Why you need both
  • How to strike the right balance
  • Additional rules for professionalism in customer service
  • Summary

Meeting and Exceeding Customer Expectations

  • Imagine this
  • Understanding customer expectations
  • The benefits of meeting and exceeding expectations
  • Six tips for managing and exceeding customer expectations
  • Summary


  • Good customer service helps businesses thrive
  • Personable and professional
  • Above and beyond


Where learning leads

Taking our Customer Service Fundamentals course offers significant benefits for both individual learners and education directors by ensuring the effective use of customer service skills.

For individual learners, this is essential because proper customer service techniques can prevent costly mistakes and enhance their professional effectiveness. For education directors, emphasizing customer service is crucial to avoid reputational damage and ensure customer satisfaction.

Our training equips participants to meet and exceed customer expectations efficiently, a key component for maintaining a competitive edge in any industry.

Where learning leads for individuals: mastering customer service skills results in more effective interactions and career advancement. Where learning leads for education directors: it cultivates a team that drives customer satisfaction and supports a respected business.

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