Swipe Right on Your New Home

Swipe Right on Your New Home

Finding a new home to rent is not at all like buying the newspaper or a gallon of milk. There is a deep level of thought, research, and investigation to make a decision and to commit to a place to call home. In many ways, the process can be paralleled to dating and marriage. How? Well with shows like Love Is Blind and Married At First Sight, is it really a stretch? Let’s see…

It’s challenging to find the ideal apartment these days. These apps seem to make it easy, and many apartments look good, but they all seem somewhat similar. Some look more attractive from the outside, others have added depth with nice amenities, and some are socially outgoing with plenty of community activities. The individual needs to give this some thought and figure out what they truly want in an apartment relationship. After “swiping right” and checking out a few of them, they’re left with a bitter taste in their mouth. They weren’t what they seemed on their online profile. Perhaps asking friends for their opinions on these other apartment options, or even setting them up with ones they like would be beneficial.

A person is viewing an apartment on their phone.

The Review

Gratitude sets in for taking the time to consult friends about the apartments being considered. Friends who have dated these places before provided mixed reviews. Some places were too self-centered, focused solely on their rules and rent. Others were overly reclusive, only engaging during bill payment time. Some didn’t know how to take care of themselves, overly critical of attire. However, there was one place that received unanimous approval from friends – neat, clean, socially adept, and putting the person ahead of itself. That’s the kind of apartment worth having a relationship with.

A couple is looking at different properties in person.

The Date

The patience and research paid off as the date turned out to be amazing. The warmth and invitation were undeniable, creating a strong connection and a long-term vision of being in this apartment. The overall experience led to the belief that this is the right choice. While it might only be the first date, the individual feels ready for a committed relationship and is excited to inform their event planner… errr… apartment leasing professional.

A couple accept keys to their new apartment.

Preparing for the Big Day

The leasing professional has been a dream come true, debunking the notion that committing to an apartment is a stressful process. They ensured that all the essential details were taken care of, including a reliable internet connection, amenities that wouldn’t wither away, and more. Ready to say “I Do,” the individual expresses gratitude for a much easier life now.

A couple enjoys unpacking boxes in their new apartment that they chose because they fell in love with the property management company.

The Ceremony

Meeting the community manager proved to be the icing on the cake. Legal details and ceremony logistics were explained, and the manager conveyed genuine happiness for the individual’s decision. The final stages were smooth, and the big moment has arrived. Ready to sign the apartment lease and say vows, the manager asks, “Do you take this apartment to have and to hold and cherish?” Without a doubt, the individual joyfully says, “I Do.”