Diversity Basics:

Diversity Basics: Foundations Online Course

It really has become a small world hasn’t it? The office environment continues to change due to the great and wonderful diversity of people that are in the workforce. Unfortunately, conscious and/or subconscious discrimination tendencies may be present within our team. Workplace diversity is not a topic any property management company should overlook.
This thought-provoking course takes you through what you need to know, utilizing different training techniques such as scenarios, real-life examples, and quick knowledge tests to help keep you, the learner, engaged.

Course Outline


Learning Objectives
What is diversity, equity, and inclusion?
Why is DEI important?
Professional vs. personal
Cycle of Socialization
What shapes us?
The cycle of socialization
2 examples
Moving in the direction for change
Questions to consider
Understanding and Unlearning Bias
Is it bias?
2 types of bias
Consequences of bias
Pyramid of hate
A case study: the Holocaust
Check your understanding
Identity and Intersectionality
How do you move through the world?
Types of identity
Minoritized identities
What is intersectionality?
How do you identify?
Getting to know ourselves
Emotional Intelligence
What is emotional intelligence?
3 types of empathy
Relationship between empathy and diversity
The three types of empathy in practice
Getting to compassionate empathy

Systems of Oppression
What is oppression?
6 types of oppression
How we perpetuate systems of oppression
Societal and cultural
What are oppression Olympics?
Dismantling the System
How to combat systems of oppression
Equality vs. equity
An illustration
A case study: school budget
What is social justice?
What does social justice look like?
Key takeaways

A group of hand that show diversity

The Cost Of Not Training

 There are two costly elements to consider if workplace diversity training is not part of your educational program.  You may be faced with hefty discrimination lawsuits, and at the very least, you will have to deal with costly employee turnover.  When people do not get along in an office environment, you have to deal with poor communication, lack of productivity, and other negative items, which in turn only diminishes your ability to lease apartments.

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