Episode 5-Sustainable Reputation Management Strategies

Sustainable Reputation Management Strategies

Episode 5- JuvoHub Podcast

Our Special Guest: Stacey Smith

In this episode we welcome our guest, Stacey Smith, from ECI Group. She is the Director of Learning and Development and has over 30 years of industry experience.

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Show Highlights

What are the components of a corporate reputation?

  • It starts at the top.
  • Leadership needs to be in engaged and excited about a reputation program.
  • For corporate reputation strategies to work, a culture has to be there first.

Why is managing our corporate reputation so critical?

  • Reputation management is digital insurance.
  • Customers are using the digital space so property management companies need to be visible and active.

In order for a reputation management program to be successful, what are some key factors?

  • Employee training whether on a site level or corporate is essential.
  • Train and empower across the generations of your employee base.
  • Treat every resident as if they were your Marketing Director.

Why are employee reviews just as critical as consumer reviews?

  • Culture has become an enormous part of deciding where you want to work.
  • Ask new team members: “What made you decide to accept the offer?” Be aware of what factors were included in that decision.

What one actionable tip could you share that has served you well as an educator?

Feel motivated about others success…remember it’s about them and not you.

Stacey Smith

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