Tips To Help Your Next Property Management Presentation

Episode 52

Public speaking doesn’t come naturally to everyone. For some, it can be downright terrifying. Jonathan and Mark, two veteran speakers and industry trainers, are back to share tips with you to help with your next property management presentation.

Host(s): Jonathan Saar from Market Me Social and Mark Howell from Howl Creative Concepts

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Only 2% of the public likes or can be a public speaker. That is not a very encouraging statistic. So what can you do to improve your presentation skills? This article will review the top 5 presentation skills you need to be thinking about and share valuable tips to help you master them.

Top Five Presentation Skills

  • Authenticity
  • Poise
  • Passion
  • Connection
  • Simplicity

Key Questions/Topics Covered


As the saying goes, you can only make a first impression once. If you aren’t being authentic, people can see that and will tend to focus on that instead of the information you are presenting. Allow your personality to shine through. When you are being your true self, you aren’t focusing on putting on an act; instead, you are focused on your material and your audience. Being yourself is just easier and will provide a superior experience to your audience.


Think of poise like the wrapping paper of a gift. The gift is your topic, but the wrapping paper is how it’s being presented. How are you dressed? How are your posture and body language? Be sure that your appearance is fitting to the occasion and doesn’t detract or distract from your presentation. Ensure that every movement and gesture is purposeful and flows. Practicing in front of the mirror may seem a little ridiculous, but it can be constructive for you to see what your audience sees and possibly make any needed adjustments.


As Mark always says, “You need to love what you do!” If you don’t have passion for what you are presenting, how do you expect your audience to? A passionate speaker can draw in the most distracted or ambivalent listeners. If you are struggling with your topic, do more research. Find a way to relate to it and build your passion from there. Jonathan likens it to a trainer at a gym. Their enthusiasm is contagious, gets everyone going, and keeps them there until the end goal is accomplished. You want to have the same effect with your property management presentations.

Audience Connection

One thing that remains constant is that people like to talk about themselves and the experiences they have encountered. Use this to your advantage. Ask questions, encourage group discussion and share experiences. Do this in a balanced, moderate fashion so that the purpose of your presentation doesn’t get lost. 

Another way to create that connection is to use eye contact. Without quality eye contact, you can be perceived as disinterested. What do we mean by quality eye contact? We aren’t talking about a staring competition; that’s creepy. Instead, keep your eyes moving, holding direct eye contact with members of your audience for a few seconds before moving on. Talk to your audience, not at them. Doing this creates that connection that encourages better retention and can help with your nerves.


Your presentation doesn’t need to be chocked full of big words, lots of stats, or theatrics. Ask yourself, will the audience understand the terms that I am using? Am I speaking their language? If your listeners are busy trying to figure out what that big word you just used is, they are no longer listening, and you have lost them. The acronym KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) should be your guiding principle. By keeping your presentation understandable and straightforward, your listeners are more likely to stay engaged and retain what you share. 

There are many other facets that we can explore when it comes to public speaking and presentations, but we will follow our own advice and start with these main points and KISS.

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