Virtual Training Best Practices – Don’t Let PowerPoint Take Over!

Episode 4 – JuvoHub Podcast

Going Solo This Week! – Your Host: Jonathan Saar

In this week’s episode I start a new series called #ThinkKeynote. These episodes will be specifically about how you can improve your program from a technical perspective.

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Show Highlights

Engaging Virtual Training

As an industry speaker are you having challenges with technology getting in the way of YOU. YOU are the presenter, the speaker, the trainer, and yet with most webinar platforms you are the small square while your PowerPoint takes over. In this episode, we cover the following tips to make your virtual session more engaging and showcase your talents as a speaker.

  • Bridging the gap between in-person and virtual training.
  • Changing up the prerequisites. How to use two screens as a presenter.
  • How to coach your learners to use two devices. – Use Google slides to share presentations.
  • Provide an atmosphere where your face does not leave the screen.
  • Have clear ques for when you are moving to the next slide.
  • Use the meeting option vs the webinar option and why on Zoom

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