Introduction to Team Management

Effective team management benefits the business through higher productivity, better performance, and increased collaboration—and it advances employees’ growth and happiness.

So, what exactly is team management, why is it important, and what are the main functions that a team manager serves? This course covers all the fundamentals needed and helps you, the learner, stay engaged and walk away with the foundation you need to be a truly great leader.

A woman leading her team

Course outline

  • What is team management?
  • What makes a team effective?
  • Communicating with your team
  • Common team problems and how to resolve them
  • Team management tips and techniques
  • Training time: 1 hour
  • Language: English
  • Exam and certificate upon completion
  • Cost: $14.95

What is Team Management?
● Better together
● What is team management?
● Why is team management important?
● So, what does a team manager actually do?
● Check your understanding
● Summary
What Makes a Team Effective?
● The highly effective team
● Consider this
● Six traits of effective teams
● What characteristics detract from team effectiveness?
● Check your understanding
● Summary
Communicating with Your Team
● Team communication woes
● Why communication matters in team setting
● Six goals of team communication and tips to achieve them
● Verbal, nonverbal, and written communication
● Practice what you’ve learned
● Summary
Common Team Problems and How to Resolve Them
● Even dream teams have nightmares, too
● The problem: trust
● The solution
● The problem: communication
● The solution
● The problem: conflict
● The solution
● The problem: alignment
● The solution
● What’s the problem?
● Check your understanding
● Summary
Team Management Tips and Techniques
● A learning process
● Be generous with information
● Time to grow
● Motivating your team
● Who do you look up to?
● Check your understanding
● Summary

Where learning leads


Taking our Team Management course offers significant benefits for both individual learners and education directors by fostering effective leadership skills.

For individual learners, this is crucial because understanding how to guide a team effectively can prevent productivity losses and propel career advancement. For education directors, nurturing competent leaders is essential to prevent disorganization and stagnation within teams.

Our training equips participants to unite and direct teams efficiently, a key component for achieving collective success and maintaining operational excellence.

Where learning leads for individuals: mastering leadership skills results in higher team performance and personal growth. Where learning leads for education directors: it ensures teams are productive and goals are met, directly impacting the bottom line.


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