Active Threat Mitigation – Do You Have a Safety Plan in Place?

Episode 75

We are all well aware of safety standards and protocols within the property management industry. OSHA anyone? But what about active threat mitigation? Why should companies be adding this much-needed training to their lineup?

Host(s): Jonathan Saar from Market Me Social and Mark Howell from Howl Creative Concepts

Show Highlights

Nobody really wants to talk about an active threat situation. But the statistics do not lie. As a company opening up the dialogue and creating a safety plan not only shows that you genuinely care for your people, it may actually save lives. I was joined by Dr. Debbie Phillips from Quadrillion and Mike Weller from Intelligence Consulting Partners on a recent podcast. Dr. Debbie shared her personal experience that led her to seek training and shared how Intelligence Consulting Partners helped her and why she is now a staunch advocate for active threat mitigation training.

Key Questions/Topics Covered

Why should a property management company have a safety program in place?

We are seeing an increase in tragedies and crises on a national level. Having a plan in place helps those around us to be prepared and hopefully mitigate the situation. People generally have two responses when faced with an active threat situation, panic or focus, the latter being learned through targeted training.

Dr. Debbie found herself in a crisis situation and was not prepared. Like all of us, she was focused on her day, not really paying attention to what was happening around her, when she suddenly found herself in a lockdown situation. This experience propelled her to learn more about safety and preparedness.

How does having a safety program in place help prevent a potential crisis?

Mike shared an interesting thought. He stated that his company is not driving fear but focus. It’s so easy to become complacent or distracted going about our regular activities. He shared an example that really resonated. When was the last time you had to stay at a hotel where you actually studied the fire escape routes that the room provides? Have you ever gone and double-checked that the route was clear or perhaps looked for alternatives just in case? Probably not, but now we can see the value of having a plan. Situational awareness is not something that people generally have but can be learned through training and practice.

Dr. Debbie brought out how she is a different person now. No longer zoned out but situationally aware and focused on using the simple techniques that ICP taught her. Mike describes it as a default mindset that leads to a skillset that sets us up for action if needed.

How does a safety program help create a positive company culture?

Having a safety program in place sends the message to all your people that you care and want what’s best for them. By providing access to training, you can help people feel empowered and give them the tools they need to step up in a time of crisis. Knowing this will help people feel more comfortable coming to work which breeds a better company culture. A culture that is focused on trust, excellence, and care.

Next steps for building an active threat mitigation safety plan

We are looking forward to continuing to talk with Mike and Dr. Debbie in upcoming episodes and drilling down even more on what property management companies can and should be doing now to keep their people safe. But for today, these are the takeaway steps that can help you get the ball rolling:

  • Educate yourself
  • Share what you learn with others
  • Look for opportunities to develop a culture of safety

Class dismissed!

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