Fair Housing Education – An Investment in Career and Company

Episode 11- JuvoHub Podcast

Our Host: Jonathan Saar from Market Me Social

Our Special Guest: Michael Coughlin

Michael Coughlin, The Fair Housing Institute‘s Vice President, works closely with FHI’s clients, consulting on training development, providing hands on assistance during training rollout and operations, and supporting our clients throughout the certification process. Through his wide-ranging experience with our customers, Michael has become an advocate for the value and importance of effective fair housing training for all employees of the housing industry. His extensive background in sales and customer service plays a critical role in the development and delivery of a successful long term training program for our clients.

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Show Highlights

Notes From the Host:

Fair Housing is one of the most important topics that we teach our team. It’s not just a once a year item. It’s a daily topic that as educators we are obligated to impress upon our organization. Michael Coughlin lives eats and breathes Fair Housing for all of his clients. Tune into his take on why this is so important and what the long-term benefits are.

Some questions we consider:

  • When someone is invested in Fair Housing education what does that tell you about that individual or company?
  • What is your take on ongoing FH education?
  • Short-term investment training vs long-term investment – is it a matter of perspective?
  • What one actionable tip could you share that has served you well as an educator?

Be honest with your team, treat them like professionals, help them focus on how education will support their career

Michael Coughlin – Vice President The Fair Housing Institute

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