It’s a Lattice, Not a Ladder – Continuing Education in Property Management- Part 2

Episode 108

Welcome to this installment of the JuvoHub podcast, where we continue our informative series with Dr. Debbie Phillips, an authority on career development in property management. Our previous discussion laid the groundwork for building a successful career. This episode focuses on the indispensable role of continuing education. Dr. Debbie Phillips will discuss the importance of lifelong learning and professional advancement, providing insights crucial for both emerging and established professionals in the industry. 

Here are some of the valuable perspectives on educational strategies that can advance a career in property management:

The Key Highlights

00:00 Introduction

01:00 The Importance of Continuing Education

05:12 Balancing Education and Life Responsibilities

09:47 Industry Needs and Trends

15:10 Continuing Education and Legal Compliance

It is evident that the educational journey is a perpetual process, continuously presenting new opportunities and challenges at every career stage. Lifelong learning not only enriches professional competence but also adapts one’s skills to the evolving demands of the property management industry. We hope that today’s discussion with Dr. Debbie Phillips inspires you to actively pursue your educational aspirations and to strategically consider your long-term career pathways. Embrace each learning opportunity as a stepping stone towards achieving greater expertise and leadership in your field.

For those interested in deepening their understanding or refreshing their knowledge of foundational concepts discussed in part one, or for those eager to explore additional topics, please click here. Our archive offers a wealth of resources designed to support your ongoing professional development and success in the property management industry.

Class Dismissed!

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