Emotional Coaching – Challenging Professional Perceptions

Episode 26 – JuvoHub Podcast

How can emotions impact our professions? Christie Williams joins us to shares how emotional coaching can help you find peace and challenge professional perceptions.

Host(s): Jonathan Saar from Market Me Social and Mark Howell from Howl Creative Concepts

Our special guest: Christie Williams from Sparrow & Jay, LLC

Christie Williams helps women create a better relationship with themselves. Every woman is unique and has the power to reach all the goals she has. The only limit to that is what she thinks. As a Love & Emotional Coach for Women, her focus as CEO in her practice is to help women generationally.

Show Highlights

Emotional intelligence is a topic we are all familiar with.  But how familiar are you with ‘emotional coaching.’  Christie Williams takes us down her personal journey and shares with us why she decided to become an Emotional Coach.  This episode will impact your perception of how our emotions truly affect us and how we conduct ourselves as professionals.

Key Questions/Topics Covered

How did you get into this profession?

After suffering multiple close personal losses, I found myself struggling emotionally on the inside. I was still showing up every day and doing a great job, getting promoted, but I was a mess on the inside. People don’t like to talk about negative emotions, especially in the workplace. I needed to learn how to feel all my emotions, positive and negative, which I found was empowering. And it helped me both professionally and personally. I wanted to take what I learned and educate others and bring awareness.

Times have been tough on everyone. I find my clients come to me with all these emotions but still want to show up and succeed. The problem is they think they can’t do both.

What are your insights on women’s relationships with each other and dealing with intimidating or hostile situations in the workplace?

I find that many of the issues women have with each other come down to insecurities with themselves. Our insecurities will show up in our relationships. Ask yourself, “How are you talking to yourself? How are you treating yourself?’ Take responsibility from a loving place and realize that the change starts with you. 

When dealing with intimidating or hostile situations in the workplace, acknowledge that it’s hard and uncomfortable. Focus on who you want to be in this environment and how you want to act or respond.

Do you find that women come to you with the same goals in mind?

I find that most are looking to build confidence. But everyone is different and an individual. I will interview them regarding three foundations for strong relationships, love, trust, and commitment. I start by focusing on the one they struggle with the most and go from there. Once all the foundations are rolling and working, there you will find confidence.

How do I know if I could benefit from having an emotional coach?

You don’t need to wait until you are that person arguing with another over a trivial matter. If you find yourself overwhelmed, anxious, fearful, or pushing your emotions aside and scared to talk about them, schedule your clarity call today! 

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