How Do You Gain Customer Loyalty?

Episode 65

Customer or resident loyalty is something every property should be concerned about. What are some critical factors to building a long-lasting relationship with your residents? How can you foster an environment that breeds loyalty?

Host(s): Jonathan Saar from Market Me Social and Mark Howell from Howl Creative Concepts

Show Highlights

Customer service has definitely taken a hit during Covid. Perhaps it was already seeing a decline, but the last few years did it no favors. We in the property management industry need to regroup and focus on providing more than customer service, we need to create a truly fantastic customer experience if we are going to build deeper loyal relationships with our residents.

Key Questions/Topics Covered

Brand Consistency

When people talk about your company, what words come to mind? What is your property’s brand? Are you known for providing a consistently good or bad customer experience? It all starts with our attitudes. Whether you are in management or maintenance, our attitudes toward our residents set the tone. Think about it from your resident’s point of view. If they feel that their needs are not being met and resort to the “I am going to bring this to corporates attention,” and you simply shrug your shoulders and walk away, what sort of trust are you building? Residents need to know that you will consistently do everything in your power to follow up and ensure their needs are met. When your attitude is one of consistently wanting to do more, then loyalty will follow.

Customer Reward Systems

We are all familiar with concessions, but customer reward systems are different. Concessions are used to attract new residents and get them to sign a lease. Customer reward systems should be implemented to reward loyal customers or residents who have continued to lease your property. An article written by Mack Collier shared this statistic, 78% of customers want a reward system. They want to feel that their loyalty is valued. It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture, just something that lets your resident know that their loyalty is appreciated.

Personal Touch for Superior Customer Loyalty

Global brands known for superior customer service have one thing in common: they are always trying to do more. Every staff member has the ability to make a difference in a resident’s day to build loyalty and build your company’s brand. Staff asking themselves,” What can I do to make the resident’s experience better, ” provide a personal touch that won’t soon be forgotten.

It only takes one poor customer experience to create an air of mistrust and unhappiness. Every property management company needs to be concerned with its brand and employee training to assure a better customer experience, resulting in increased customer loyalty.

Class dismissed!

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