It’s a Lattice, Not a Ladder – Starting Your Career in Property Management – Part 1

Episode 107

Welcome to this exciting episode of the JuvoHub podcast, where we delve into the fascinating world of property management. Today, we are joined by the esteemed Dr. Debbie Phillips, a recognized authority on career development in the property management sector. In this special series, we explore the evolving landscape of property management careers, with part one focusing on starting and nurturing a successful career.

This episode promises insightful discussions on the concept of a ‘career lattice’ and practical tips to navigate the complex yet rewarding field of property management.

The Key Highlights

00:00 Introduction
01:08 Career Lattice
06:19 Diverse Skill Set
11:38 Staying Informed and In Touch with the Industry
15:20 The Importance of Mentoring
25:11 Conclusion

We’ve covered a great deal in this enlightening discussion on beginning a career in property management with Doctor Debbie Phillips. From understanding the dynamic nature of career paths to embracing the lattice model of career progression, our conversation has provided a wealth of knowledge for newcomers and seasoned professionals alike. Remember, the journey into property management is diverse and full of opportunities for personal and professional growth. As we wrap up this part of our series, we thank Doctor Phillips for her invaluable insights and invite you to stay tuned for more practical advice in the upcoming episodes.

Class Dismissed!

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