Building a Culture of Accountability

Building a Culture of Accountability

Episode 83

When you hear the word accountability, do you default to the emotions of accountability instead of its results? What impact can you expect from building a culture of accountability?

Host(s): Jonathan Saar from Market Me Social and Mark Howell from Howl Creative Concepts

Guest: Donje Putnam, Director of Marketing and Training – Senex Law, PC

With a love for all things multifamily, Donje is a self-taught marketer with a background and specialty in property management. She follows her passion both personally and professionally. With a focus on education, she relentlessly studies what is interesting and engaging to continue growing her skillsets.

Show Highlights

Quiet quitting, the great resignation, job dissatisfaction, the list goes on. But what do these have to do with accountability? Donje Putnam is back to sharing her experience in how building a culture of accountability is what every leader must do to combat the ongoing staffing challenges we see in property management. In this episode, we will focus on three key points:

  • Why should leaders care about accountability?
  • What do studies show are the results of building a culture of accountability?
  • How to get started on building a culture of responsibility.

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Class dismissed!

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